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Scratch Test

Food & Pet Sensitivity Analysis Report:

A Healthier You Through Genetics

HomeDNA T.M. Food & Pet Sensitivity is a science-based DNA test that reveals how genes may make a person more sensitive to common irritants in these eight key areas:  Gluten, Peanut, Lactose, Other Foods, Cow Milk Protein Histamine, Egg, Pet Dander.  We simply collect your DNA using the easy-to-use cheek swabs, we mail the samples to our lab, and within a few short weeks, we have the results back.



Learning about their potential predisposition to food and pet sensitivities at the cellular level can empower a person to make targeted changes – both in their personal environment and in how they eat – that can help them live a more comfortable life.  Suggestions for lifestyle and supplement changes are included in the report, providing clear direction for how to manage any food or pet sensitivities.  DNA analysis, dietary tips, lifestyle tips, and supplement tips are science-based. 


Results Include


  • Analysis of sensitivity-specific DNA markers

  • Lifestyle and dietary suggestions to help prevent discomfort

  • Recommended supplements to help manage any sensitivities

  • Creative and tasty food substitutions.

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